1. Click Reports, Financial Reports.
  2. Select Gifts-In-Kind Report.
  3. Click New
  4. Enter the appropriate report parameters on these tabs:
  • General:
    1. Include all records, a query of selected records, or one record. The available query types are Constituent, Gift, Individual, and Organization. Use query to filter records that cannot be filtered in the report parameters.
    2. Select how to handle soft credit, matching gifts, and whether to include inactive, deceased, and constituents with no valid address.
    3. Select whether to create an output query of the records included in the report: Gift or Constituent.
  • Filters: Filter the report by appeals, campaigns, constituent codes, or funds. By default, all values are included. If you are running the report in summary by appeal, campaign, constituent code, or fund, select which values to include on this tab.
  • Gift Types: Select what gift types are included in the report. The default gift types are: Gift-In-Kind, Pay-Gift-In-Kind, MG Pay-Gift-In-Kind
  • Attributes: Include or exclude records based on constituent or gift attributes. If including a selected a query on the General tab, the Attributes tab only includes or excludes records in the source query.
  • Ind. Address & Org. Address: (Detail report type) Select how to handle constituent addresses. For more information, refer to How does address processing work.
  • Format:

    5. Click the Preview or Print button to process the report.