Note:  Blackbaud does not support or recommend the use of more than one Export file for any Crystal report.

Typically, it is easier to use the second export file in a subreport.
  • First, design the main report using the first export.
  • Then, go to Insert > Subreport.
  • Connect the subreport to the second export
  • In the subreport, insert the unique field (ex: Constituent ID) into the Details section
  • Go back to the main report (Design tab)
  • Right-click on the subreport and select Change Subreport Links
  • Find the Constituent ID field in the Available Fields list on the left and click the right arrow button to bring it to the list on the right
  • Make sure the same field shows in the drop down on the bottom right
  • Click Ok
  • Go back into the subreport and delete the Constituent ID field (it does not need to remain in the subreport after it has been linked)
  • Refresh the report