NOTE: Query is not designed as a reporting tool. Depending on the criteria and/or output fields of the query, a query output can have duplicates and other issues that can provide misleading results. Reports, Dashboards, Mail, and Exports are designed to provide accurate outputs from The Raiser's Edge.

However, reviewing a query output can be useful to review data, so this option is available within Query:
  1. Open the desired query.
  2. Go to the File menu. 
  3. Select print > query list.
If you wish to alter how the query results appear:
  1. Open and run the desired query by clicking Run Now in the lower right.
  2. Running the query moves you to the Results tab. On this tab, the Format menu becomes available:
    • Set options such as font, gridline appearance, etc. from here.
    • Review options under Report Properties for headers, footers, page numbers, and page orientation.