A solicitor team is a group of solicitors associated with a specific campaign or fund goal. The captain is the primary contact for the team and is usually responsible for organizing the team's efforts. While the team captain can have a solicitor goal, a solicitor goal is not required. A team captain may be strictly devoted to organizing, encouraging, and directing the team.
Note: Solicitors and solicitor teams may be assigned to multiple campaigns or funds.
  1. Open the appropriate campaign or fund record
  2. Select the Solicitor tab
      To add a team:
      1. Double-click New Team...
      2. Type the team's name and press Enter
        Note: You can also add a team within a team. For example, you want Team 1 to have Team A and Team B. To do this, create the team, highlight it, and drag it over the main team to create the hierarchy.
      To add a solicitor:
      1. In the left frame, highlight the team name the solicitor belongs to or highlight the name of the solicitor to whom this solicitor reports
      2. Click Find Solicitor...
      3. Browse for the solicitor and click Open (or double-click the solicitor's name)
      4. Click Save and Close
      To assign a solicitor as the team captain: Right-click the solicitor's name and select Promote to Captain. To change the team captain:
      1. Right-click the current captain and select Demote Captain
      2. Right-click the new captain's name and select Promote to Captain
      To move a solicitor to a different team: Click the solicitor's name and drag it to the new team. If the solicitor reports to someone, drag the solicitor name to that solicitor.
      To assign a solicitor to multiple teams within a Campaign/Fund:Click the solicitor's name and drag it to each. If the solicitor reports to someone, drag their name to that particular solicitor.