The Deploy Kit is the installation package used for all workstations running SQL Server versions.

The Deploy Kit must be created in a shared directory on the server.  Normally, it is not necessary to map a drive to it from each workstation; the UNC path can be used instead. Whichever method is used, the path should be a path which the workstation can use to browse to the Deploy folder for installations or updates. The Deploy Kit for all products may be on the same hard drive, but must be in separate folders (i.e. The Raiser's Edge 7, Accounting for Nonprofits 6.4, The Education Edge, Blackbaud Student Information System, or The Financial Edge).

Workstations are installed by browsing to the Deploy directory on the server and running SETUP.exe.  When a workstation is installed, a link is established between the workstation and the server's Deploy folder.  At each login, the workstation checks the server for an updated version.  If one is detected, the user logging into the workstation is prompted to run the update and the update begins. For Windows networks, the Deploy folder should be located on the server.

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