Yes, but only if the cash gift is not paying off a pledge already on Constituent A's record. The functionality is the same as if you were paying a pledge on another person's record using the hard credit. Only the total amount of the gift is available to be used towards a pledge. For example: If Constituent A pledges $100 and Constituent B pledges $100, and Constituent A gives a $100 cash gift, the gift can only pay off one or the other pledge, but not both.

To apply a soft credit to a pledge, access the record possessing the Soft credit by the following:

1. Select the Gifts tab.

2. Open the soft credit gift.

3. Select Gift, Apply to, Pledge from the toolbar of the gift record.

4. Click Load Pledges From to load the pledges from the record you are on since the soft credit will pull up pledges from the person's record to whom the gift was hard-credited.

5. Apply the gift to the pledge as normal but select a pledge from the soft-credited person's record. (Note: This step must be completed even though you are accessing the soft credit gift from the person's record who has the pledge that you are wishing to pay.)

Note: Both the hard credit and the soft credit gift will appear as pay-cash gifts. The original hard credit gift will appear as being applied to the pledge that is paid off.