The following reports provide this information:
  • Comparative Membership Statistics: The report compares membership categories for as many as five time periods displaying the number of people who started as members and ended as members for each time period specified. The report calculates the number of members or memberships and can use either membership dates or gift dates. Retention rate and income generated from the memberships are also displayed. For information on how this report processes, refer to BB87226.
  • Membership Statistics by Category: Base the report on gift date, to include only memberships that are linked to gifts. The report provides a snapshot of activity within each membership level for a specified time period. Base the report on either gift date or membership date. The report includes the number of new members, renewals, upgrades, downgrades, rejoining members, dropped members, and current number of members. For more information on how each column is calculated, refer to BB16598.
  • Month/Year Statistical Analysis: The report provides a general comparison of membership activity by month or year and is useful when analyzing membership trends. The report provides the number of members on a selected start date, number of expired memberships, and income generated by memberships. The report provides a count of new, renewed, rejoined, upgraded, downgraded, and dropped memberships.  For more information on this report, refer to BB69816.