If out of balance by fund set up interfund entries on the fund record. If the Journal Entry is out of balance by something else The Financial Edge will not automatically create balancing interfund entries when posting manual Journal Entries. For those situations follow the steps below. 

Note: Interfund entries are created when making a Debit to one fund and Credit to another for the same amount; however interfund entries are not created when the entry is within the same fund and is out of balance by class or project. There is not a way to make a Debit and Credit to that same fund between classes or project when the fund is required to balance by class or project. If the fund has a default class or project designation, class or project and fund are separate and class or project is still required to balance within the same fund.

Note: Balancing by Class, Project or Transaction Code is an option on the fund record in The Financial Edge.

  1. Determine what lines are causing the batch to be out of balance, print out the Batch Validation report if necessary.
  2. Open General Ledger, Records and open the Account number listed on the Validation report.
  3. Determine the class matches what is showing on the Validation report. 
  4. If the Class does not match choose one of the following options:
  • change the class on the Account
  • change the Account on The Raiser's Edge fund        
      5. Run the Validation report again to see if the batch validates successfully.
      6. Post the batch.       
      7. If the error still occurs Contact Support,reference this article, and a support analyst will contact you.