Pledge Balances are calculated most often by the dates set under the General tab: Include Gifts with these dates, and
Include Pledges made after ____

The date the pledge was originally made typically needs to fall within these date ranges for there to be an accurate pledge balance.

However, this may also be contingent on a checkbox under the Gift Types tab--Calculate gift balance based on selected date range, campaign, fund and appeal. If this box is checked, the report bases the balance of the pledge on the date criteria selected on the General tab and criteria selected on the Filters tab.

For example, Erin Kelly pledges $100 to the Annual Campaign. When she makes the payment, she decides she now wants to give to the Campaign for Excellence. She makes her $100 payment to the Campaign for Excellence, bringing her actual balance down to $0. If a report is run with Calculate gift balance based on date range, campaign, fund, and appeal checked and the Annual Campaign is selected as the filter, the report shows Erin Kelly with an outstanding balance of $100.

Also, if she paid her $100 to the Annual Campaign as planned, but her payment arrived outside the date range selected for the report, a balance appears on the report.

note: If the Calculate gift balance based on selected date range, campaign, fund and appeal checkbox is left unchecked, the true balance of the gift appears.