Grouped data is data that is sorted and broken up into meaningful groups. In a constituent list, for example, a group might consist of all those constituents living in the same Zip Code, or in the same Region. In a donation report, a group might consist of all the donations given by the same customer, or all of the donations generated by a particular solicitor.

Group and Sort Direction

  • Ascending: Ascending order means smallest to largest (1 to 9, A to Z, False to True). The program sorts the records in ascending order and then begins a new group whenever the value changes.
  • Descending: Descending order means largest to smallest (9 to 1, Z to A, True to False). The program sorts the records in descending order and then begins a new group whenever the value changes.
  • Original: Original order is the order the data was originally saved in the database. The program leaves the records in the order in which they appear in their originating database table, and begins a new group whenever the value changes in the group field you select.
  • Specified Order: Specified order is a user-defined order. The program places each record into the custom group you specify, leaving the records in each group in original order or it sorts them in ascending or descending order, depending on your instructions.

Grouping Data:

  1. Select Insert, Group from the menu bar
  2. Select the field to group the data by from the top drop-down list
  3. Select the sort direction from the second drop-down list
  4. Mark the Customize Group Name Field (only available in Crystal Reports 8.5) checkbox to show a different value in the group header

    Note: By default, the group header of the report will display the value of the field you are grouping on.

    For example, if grouped by {CnBio.CnBio_ID}, at each change of a group you will see the corresponding constituent ID. To display a different value (constituent ID as well as constituent name), customize the group name field by choosing an alternate data field, or creating a formula.

    Tip: To hide the group header name, right-click the group header, select Format Field, and click Suppress on the Common tab of the Format Editor.

  5. Click OK