On the EFT gift record, check the following:
  1. Ensure that the Status field is Active
  2. Ensure that the Card Type field is populated (only for gifts with payment method of Credit Card)
  3. Check the Schedule to ensure the gift is not past it's End Date 
  4. If using Selected Records, ensure that gifts in that query are EFT gifts meeting the parameters specified (including gift date, etc) 
  5. Check to see if the transaction is pending.  If it is, go ahead and commit the batch with the pending transactions.   To see if it is pending:
    1. open the EFT gift from Gifts (under Records) or on the Gifts tab of the constituent record   
    2. If an icon (hand with a yellow piece of paper) shows on the lower right corner of the gift, it is pending. 
  6. If using the UK version:
    1. Verify the Generate Instructions Only option is not selected.    
    2. In Configuration, click General. If Paperless mandates used is selected, the constituent must have certain criteria filled in on the Details section of the direct debit gift. Refer to the Appendix of the Paperless Direct Debit Guide (PDF) for more information.
  7. Check the Transaction tab of any Recurring Gift to view the Next Transaction Due date to confirm the date is ON or PRIOR to the date selected when Automatically Generating transactions.  

NOTE: If the gift was an Exception from a previous batch and an Exception batch was created, this will place a Pending Transaction Flag on the original Pledge or Recurring Gift.  The exception batch can be deleted or the individual row within the exception batch can be deleted to remove the Pending Transaction flag off the original Pledge/Recurring Gift.