• Open the Appeal record.
    • Select the General tab.
      • In the No. Solicited field, enter the number of constituents you are targeting for this appeal.
      • If the appeal has already been assigned to constituents:
        1. Click the binoculars button next to the No. Solicited field to open the Open screen for queries appears.
        2. Select an existing query or create a constituent query for the constituents with this appeal.
        3. The number of records from the query is automatically entered in the No. Solicited field.
        • If the appeal has not been assigned to constituent records, click the calculator or enter a number manually.

          Note: The number entered must be greater than or equal to the total of the No. Solicited field(s) on any package(s) for the appeal. If changing the entry in this field to a number less than the total of the packages, a warning message appears.

          Note: Number solicited is not currently available in webview RENXT. 4/11/2018