• Delete the pledge payment
    • Recreate the pledge payment


      1. Open the pledge payment to be applied to a different installment
      2. On the gift record, select Gift, Adjust
      3. Select the Payment Applications tab
      4. Click View Installments
      5. Mark the Pay? checkbox beside each installment to which the payment should be applied
      6. Click Auto-Distribute
      7. Click OK
      8. Save and close the adjustment and gift

        Note: If two pledge payments were 'flip-flopped' and need to be reversed, first delete one of the payments, follow the steps above to apply the other payment to the correct installment, then re-add the deleted payment.

        For example, payment A was made to the 12/01 installment and payment B was made to the 11/01 installment. Payment A should be applied to 11/01 and payment B should be applied to 12/01. First, delete payment A, then follow the above steps to apply payment B to 12/01. Then, re-add payment A.