• Create a constituent query (BB19082)
    • On the Criteria tab, select:

      Relationships, Individuals (or Organizations), Relation Code equals [the code for which duplicates are occurring (e.g. Spouse)]

      AND Relationships, Individuals (or Organizations), Total Individual (or Organization) Relationships greater than or equal to 2

      Note: These criteria search for constituents who have at least one relationship with the specific Relation Code and at least two relationships total.


    • Create a constituent export (BB83120)
    • On the Create a New Export screen, select Comma Separated Values in the Export format field
    • On the General tab, click Include, Selected Records. Search for and select the query created in steps 1 and 2.
    • On the Output tab, select:

      • Biographical, Name
      • Biographical, ID
      • Relationships, Individuals, Name
        1. On the Individuals screen, enter 2 in the field next to For each Constituent, enter the number of Individual (or Organization) Relations to export
        2. Select Selected Individual (or Organization) Relations
        3. Select the Relation Code for which duplicates are occurring
        4. Click OK