1. Create an import file with at least the required fields

    The required fields to import changes to existing enrollments are:
    • Student Import ID
    • Enrollments Import ID
  2. On the Administration page, click Import records
  3. Expand the Student category and select Enrollments
  4. Click New Import
  5. On the General tab, mark Update existing records
  6. In the Import file field, browse to the location of the CSV file saved in step I above
  7. Note the Use field defaults to Enrollment Import ID
  8. Select the Delimited - Characters separate the fields option
  9. In the Options frame, you can mark the following checkboxes:
    • Validate data only

      Note: Mark this checkbox only if testing the import. No data is imported into the database when this checkbox is marked.
    • Create new table entries
    • Import records not found as new records
  10. Select the File Layout tab
  11. Select the appropriate options. For example, in the Import Field Names frame, mark Field names are on the first line of the import file
  12. Select the Fields tab
  13. In the Import these fields box, match the appropriate database field to each import field.
  14. Select the Options/Summary tab
  15. In the Import Options frame, you can mark the following checkboxes:
    • Create exception file of records not updated/imported

      Note: Use this option to modify the records causing an exception and import them separately
    • Create an output query of the records updated
    • Create control report
  16. Select File, Save from the menu bar
  17. Name and save the import parameter form
  18. If testing the import, confirm the Validate data only checkbox is marked on the General tab. If importing, confirm the checkbox is not marked.
  19. Click Import Now
  20. On the Import Complete screen, click View Control Report

For more information, refer to How to import into The Education Edge - The Basics of Importing (BB135422)