The checkbox for Attendance Taken is not available if all students are no longer scheduled in the class. However, the Attendance Taken still needs to be removed for the class.

    • Export all attendance for the applicable term and class. 
    • Delete the attendance entries for the applicable term and class. 
    • Make the scheduling change. 
    • Re-enter attendance manually or import the attendance back in.

      Note: The cycle day change affects all dates within the term.

    Extra steps to take if this has occurred:
    1. Run the Attendance Taken report to identify dates with attendance taken for the class. 
    2. Enroll a student into the class temporarily. 
    3. Unmark Attendance Taken for those dates in Attendance, Enter Attendance by Class.  
    4. Drop the student from the class. 
    5. Delete the unwanted class meeting.