From the Payment record:

  1. Open the payment record
  2. Select File, Delete from the menu bar

From the Deposit record:

  1. Open the deposit  
  2. Select the Payments tab  
  3. Highlight the payment to be deleted and click Delete on the task bar

Note: The Delete option will be grayed out if any of the following criteria is met:

  • Deposit has been cleared  
  • The Deposit has been closed  
  • The Deposit has been posted  
  • The Deposit has been reconciled  

To activate the delete button:  

  • If the deposit is open, on the Deposit tab, unmark the Deposit cleared on checkbox and save the deposit
  • If the deposit is closed, change the Deposit status from closed to open and save the deposit  
  • If the deposit has been posted, the payment must be voided instead of deleted
  • If the deposit is reconciled, the receipts cannot be deleted or voided
  • If the delete button is still grayed out and the deposit has not been posted or reconciled, verify that the user has rights to delete payments