Blackbaud Hosting settings are noted in the steps below. If your Raiser's Edge is self/locally hosted, exact settings may vary, so please confirm settings with your network administrator and be sure to test by sending eReceipts to yourself:
  1. Go to Configuration, Business Rules, and highlight Mail options
  2. Enter the appropriate SMTP Server and Port number. If hosted by Blackbaud, ensure the correct Blackbaud Hosting SMTP Relay server information is entered. Or if your Raiser's Edge is self/locally hosted, contact your network administrator for this information.
  3. Change the SMTP Authentication Method to Anonymous if hosted by Blackbaud. If self/locally hosted, begin with Anonymous but Basic or NTLM may be required by your network so confirm this setting with your network administrator.
  4. Unmark Use Secured Socket Layer (SSL). (Note: Leave this unchecked if hosted by Blackbaud. Otherwise, confirm with your network administrator if these needs to be checked.)
  5. Test the connectivity between the workstation and the SMTP Server.