1. To resolve,  review the selections made in the report card parameters:


    1. Mail, Forms, Report Cards, Open the report card parameters
    2. Select the Summary/Notes or Details tab
    3. Open the Attendance section
    4. Check the attendance codes included for each Category Heading to be certain the correct codes are included for each category. Verify the Include column on the same row is set correctly to All or Selected.
    5. Select the Columns tab
    6. Open each of the following column descriptions if they exist and check to be sure the correct terms are marked to be included:
      • Sum of units
      • Number of occurrences
      Note: To report on the number of times a student received an attendance code, select number of occurrences instead of number of units.  For detailed information on how attendance units are calculated, refer to How is attendance calculated in Registrar's Office 7 (BB181670)
    7. Save the changes and preview report cards again


  2. Or, to resolve above, determine the specific class in which attendance should be taken for each day, such as Homeroom. Print attendance reports to identify students with Day attendance for the relevant time frame, and then change the attendance entries from Day to Class.

    For example, if you enter a Class attendance code in Homeroom for a student, the student's attendance total is 1. If you enter a Day attendance code for a student on a day that has 5 classes (including Homeroom), the student's attendance total is 5.