This may occur if the report uses fewer than the four standard columns and the Gift Type settings are still set for the unused columns. To review these settings:

  1. On the Columns tab, note the selected column number(s).
  2. On the Gift Types tab, select the column(s) noted in step 1. Confirm the gift types and that Exclude zero amount gifts is marked at bottom.
  3. Still on the Gift Types tab, select the column(s) not selected / in use on the Columns tab.
  4. Click << to remove all gift types in the right list back to the left list.
  5. Repeat steps 3 through 4 if more than one column is not in use.
  6. Click Print or Preview to run the report.

If a list of donors and gifts (only one column) is needed, consider running the Constituent Giving History report.