1. In Reports, select Transaction Reports
  2. Select Payroll Register and select New
  3. On the General tab, select whether you want to include Paid calculations, Unpaid calculations or both
  4. Define date ranges: select payment date(s), period ending date(s), and post date(s) to include
  5. Mark the options for the calculation detail to include. For example, if you are only interested in seeing tax withheld, mark the Taxes checkbox
  6. Select whether to print a Detail or Summary Report.

    If you select Summary, you can further select to summarize by
    • Category
    • Type of compensation
    • Compensation type ID
    • Pay stub ID

    • Quarters
    • Calendar year
  7. Define any filters, such as filtering by a specific tax on the Filters tab
  8. Define any appropriate formatting on the Format tab
  9. Print or preview the report