• In Records, open the student's record. 
    • Select Statements tab. 
    • In the Show field at the top of the tab, select who receives statements for. 
    • In the Send statements to field, use the drop-down menu to select the parent's name. 
    • Mark the Print separate statement checkbox. If the parent has more than one student they are receiving statements for and would like to have them all on one statement, unmark the Print separate statement checkbox 
    • Add the parent to the grid, and in the Activity to Show field, select the charges you would like to show on the parent's statement. Select either:
      • All transactions 
      • Only the recipient's transactions 
      • Only the student's transactions 
      • The recipient's transactions and the student's transactions
    • Save and close the record.
    • If you cannot remove the student from the grid:

      1. In Mail, Forms, Statements, open the Statement parameter. 
      2. Select the Filters tab. 
      3. For Statement Recipient Record Types, select Selected in the Include column . 
      4. Select Individual or Organization. 
      5. Click OK. 
      6. Click Preview.