1. In Configuration, add the new pay type.
    1. On the Pay Type tab, enter the amount of the one-time calculation:
      • If all employees to be included in the one-time calculation are to receive the same amount, select Fixed amount for Rate and enter the amount in the Total Amount field.
      • If all employees to be included in the one-time calculation are to receive the same percentage of their pay, select Percentage of gross in the Rate field and enter the appropriate percentage.
      • If different groups of employees are to receive a specific amount, create a different pay type for each group.
      • If all employees are to receive different amounts, enter a pay type as a Fixed Amount and enter an amount that the most employees are to receive. When adding the Pay Type to the employee records, select the Assignment Grid tab in Create Group Assignments and manually change each employees amount.
    2. On the Schedule tab, mark the Pay only in periods with specific end dates option. Enter the date and amount or percentage.
      Note: If the pay date of the one time calculation falls on the same date as the period ending date of a regular payroll calculation, the software will calculate both the one-time pay and the other scheduled pay(s). If the other scheduled pay(s) are already calculated, only the bonus will calculate.
    3. In Payroll Processing:​In Banks, under the Payment Tasks click Print Payroll Checks and EFT notices.
      1. Assign the pay type to the appropriate employees by clicking Create Group Assignments
        1. On the Options tab, select to assign a Pay type and select the Pay type ID created in step 1.
        2. Choose an Effective date
        3. On the Assignment Grid tab, select or deselect the employees to receive the pay type.
        4. Adjust the amount in $/% column or the hours in the Hours column as needed.
        5. Make any other applicable changes to the tabs in Group Assignments
        6. Click Process Now to assign the pay type.
        7. View Results and/or Control Report
        8. Click OK
      2. Click Create Calculations
      3. Enter the date of the one-time calculation on the General tab.
      4. Click Create Calculations Now.
      5. On the General tab, enter the appropriate dates for the one-time calculation.
      6. For Pay all employees in this payment run, select By Computer Check to pay the bonus with a physical check. Otherwise, select Based on payment method.
      7. Click Create now to print the checks.