1. In Records, open an existing or add a new purchase order.
  2. Select the Line Items tab and click New Line Item.
  3. In the Type field, select Regular, Miscellaneous, or Comment.
    • Use a Regular line item to add Products and Billing items to a Purchase order.
    • Use Miscellaneous line items to track additional changes associated with line items, such as shipping charges.
    • Use a Comments line item to enter comments on a purchase order. The comment line items print in the body of the purchase order.
  4. In the Product ID field, select the type of product you are ordering. If the product you want to order is not listed, create a new product record from this screen.
    Note:  To create a new product, click the binoculars, then click Add a New Product. 
  5. The Description field defaults from the product record, however you can edit the description if necessary.
  6. The Unit of Measure field automatically displays the unit of measure designated on the product record. If the unit of measure was not defined on the product record, select the correct unit of measure.  
  7. In the Quantity Ordered field, enter the number of items ordered.  
  8. In the Unit Cost field, enter the cost of the items per unit.
  9. If you entered a quantity in the Quantity Ordered field and a unit cost in the Unit Cost field, the Extended Cost field displays the total cost of the line item.
  10. In the Date required field, enter the date your organization needs to receive the item.
  11. In the Date promised field, enter the date the vendor has promised to deliver the item.
  12. In the Vendor part # field, enter the vendor's part reference number for the item you are ordering. 
  13. In the Department field, select the department for which the item is being ordered.
  14. In the Requested by field, select the person who requested the line item.
  15. In the Deliver to field, select the person to whom the line item is being delivered.
  16. In the Post status/Date fields, enter a post status and post date. 
  17. In the Notes field, enter any notes or special circumstances regarding this line item. The notes you enter do not print on the purchase order form.
  18. Select the Distribution tab and enter a General Ledger distribution for the line item.
  19. Select the Requisition Line Items tab.
  20. On the Requisition Line Items tab, you can view the requisition line item information associated with the purchase order. To open and view individual requisition records, select a requisition in the grid and click View.
  21. To save the line item and return to the purchase order record, click Save and Close.