Note: Before you proceed with the following instructions, back up the database. If your organization integrates multiple Blackbaud products, refer to the Additional Requirements section of the backup solution.

To globally delete photos, you can run the ImportPhotos.exe plug-in with an import file that does not include the path to photos. The plug-in is compatible with The Education Edge 7.30.445 and higher.
Note: Print and read all of the following instructions before running the plug-in.

To create the import file, follow these steps:

  1. On The Education Edge navigation bar, select Export.
  2. Create a student export
  3. On the Criteria tab, specify the students to include in the export files. To include all students (and delete all student photos), leave the Criteria tab blank.
  4. On the Output tab, select the following fields in this order:
    • Student, System Record ID
    • Student, Student Name
  5. Export the file in .XLS format
    Note: The order of the columns must be System Record ID, Student Name
  6. Save the file in *.CSV format.

To run the plug-in, follow these steps:
Note: If the ImportPhotos.exe plug-in was used to import the photos, the plug-in is still installed and does not need to be downloaded again. Skip to step 9 to delete the student photos.

  1. Log in to the workstation as a Local Administrator
  2. Download ImportPhotos.exe
  3. Save ImportPhotos.exe to the local hard drive of any Education Edge workstation.
  4. Double-click ImportPhotos.exe
  5. When prompted, unzip the files into the \Financial Edge\Plugins folder on the workstation. ImportPhotos.exe is a self-extracting zip file that contains the plug-in files: docEEImportPhotos.vbd and EEImportPhotos.dll
  6. Register EEImportPhotos.dll on the workstation.
  7. Have all other users Exit and sign out of The Education Edge
  8. Log into The Education Edge
  9. Click Plug-Ins from The Education Edge navigation bar
  10. Click Import Student Photos
  11. Enter the path to the import file in the Import file name field
  12. Mark the Remove existing photos if no photo defined in import file checkbox
  13. Click Process