The Supervisor, or a user with supervisor rights, can specify whether a user can log in using an Education Edge or Financial Edge user name and password each time they sign on to the software, or have a user automatically sign on to the software if they are logged into Windows using Windows Authentication.

If Blackbaud hosts your database, please refer to How to allow users to log into an application without entering a password using Windows Authentication in the hosted environment (includes demo)

Configuring the login options: 

  1. In Administration, click Set up system security
  2. Highlight a User and click Open
  3. Set up the user's connection options using one of the following three options:
    • To use a separate password, unique to The Education Edge and Financial Edge:
      1. On the User Information tab, the Connection Options frame, mark the Use EE7 Authentication checkbox
      2. Specify a Password
      3. Reenter the password in the Confirm field
        Note: Your entry in both fields must be identical when establishing a password
    • To base a user's login information on his Windows login information:
      1. Under Connection options, mark the Use Windows Authentication checkbox
        When users logged into a workstation through their Windows authentication access The Education Edge or The Financial Edge, the Windows information is used to automatically log the user into the program, so there is no need to remember a separate Education Edge or Financial Edge password.
        Note: If a security user's Windows authentication information changes, the change is automatically recognized by The Education Edge or The Financial Edge.  
      2. Click the binoculars in the Login field. The Select User Account screen appears
      3. In the List Names From field, select the system to which the user you want to select belongs
      4. All members of the selected item appear in the Names box. Select the user to specify and click Add. The name appears in the Add Name field
      5. Click OK. You return to the Security User screen where the user now appears in the Login field
    • To allow Windows authentication and store an Education Edge or Financial Edge password for a user:
      Mark both the Use EE7 and Use Windows Authentication checkboxes
      Note: Marking both checkboxes enables you to store a password for a user even though the user typically is authenticated through Windows. This can be useful if, for example, you are running the standalone version of The Education Edge, but your network goes down. Even if Windows authentication fails, the user can still log into The Education Edge.
      Marking both checkboxes affects only whether or not a password is stored for the user. The Education Edge always tries Windows authentication first, but if for some reason that fails, The Education Edge User name/Password screen appears.
  4. Click Save and Close to save the changes to the user
  5. Repeat for all other users
    Note: If a security user's Windows authentication information changes, The Education Edge automatically recognizes the change.