1. Change the posting status from Posted to Ready.
                    a. Open Administration and click Posting from FAWeb, select to change the posting status to Ready.
                    b. Check the box to include posted classes when changing the posting status.
                    c. Check the box to update existing entries.
                    d. Click Post Now
       2. Make corrections to the comments in Faculty Access for the Web          
       3.  Open Administration and click Post from FAWeb
       4. In the Post from Web screen, select the post from the marking column (incorrect one in FAWEB where the comments appear) to the correct one in Registrar's Office

       5. Under Post the following, mark the Comments checkbox
       6. Mark the Update existing entries checkbox

       7. Click Post Now

For more information, refer to How to post grades, comments, or, skills from Faculty Access for the Web (BB156308)