In Scheduling, when you mark the Balance genders based on checkbox on the General 2 tab of Generate Student Schedules, you can select Specific ratio or Course request ratio in the adjacent field:
  • If you select Specific ratio, fields are enabled for you to designate the male and female percents. For example, you can select to balance the class 50/50 between males and females.
  • If you select Course request ratio, the program uses the ratio of males to females who requested the course. For example, if 60% of the students requesting the course are female and 40% are male, each class is
    balanced 60/40.

Note: If you are a single gender school and you mark the Balance genders based on checkbox, the program will not fill one section before enrolling students in subsequent sections. By selecting a low percentage for the specific ratio, you can evenly divide a small number of students across multiple sections.  However, do not use the option for 1% as this is not sufficient for the system to schedule with.  Instead, increase the value to 5-20%.