1. Log out of the website and close all instances of the browser.
  2. Ensure you are on the latest browser version.
  3. Type www.blackbaud.com in the browser.
  4. From the Support menu, select Downloads.
  5. Downloading requires a referring URL through the browser:
    • Enable your firewall to post the referring URL in the browser.
    • Enable your proxy server post referring URLs.
    • Remove any spyware from your computer that may act as a proxy server and remove the referring URL.
    • Disable any download managers.
  6. If you are using WatchGuard Firewall, create a filtered http rule for the websites www.blackbaud.com, http://downloadmirror2.blackbaud.com, and http://www.blackbaud.com/support/downloads/downloads.aspx and place them before the proxied rule. (See your IT administrator or contact WatchGuard Firewall for more information.)
  7. If you are using Symantec Client Security, disable Symantec to enable the download process. Then, enable it again.
  8. If you are in a virtual environment:
    1. Download the file from a location that is not connected to the virtual environment.
    2. Copy the file over to the workstation for which the file is needed.

If this is still an issue, check with your IT staff to determine if downloads are permitted.