The Requests no email checkbox on the Bio 1 tab is used to track constituents who prefer not to be contacted via email. When this checkbox is marked, the constituent receives no email through the Global Add Records email function or through NetMail in NetSolutions.

When a user requests to not receive email by updating their email preferences (either via the email preferences link in an email or by directly logging into the Blackbaud NetCommunity website), a profile update transaction is generated in the Blackbaud NetCommunity plug-in in The Raiser's Edge. Processing this transaction checks the box "Requests No Email" in The Raiser's Edge.

Online Express does not update this setting directly. However if a record is marked with this, Online Express will not email to that constituent at all.

In order for the user to again begin receiving email from the organization, the Requests No Email box must be unchecked.