1. In the Downloads section of the Web site, click the PostalSaver for the United States link.
  2. Click uspsXXXZZZ.exe (where XXX and ZZZ are three-letter month abbreviations).
  3. Select the Save this program to disk option and save it to a directory on the server or the workstation being updated. 
    Note: If the file is saved on the server it will need to be copied down to each workstation that is updated.
  4. Double-click uspsXXXZZZ.exe from the workstation.
  5. Browse to a location to unzip the files to.  It is recommended to unzip the files to the same location PostalSaver is installed to. 
    Note: The default location for install is C:\Program Files\Blackbaud\Postal Tools.
  6. Browse to the location chosen to extract the downloaded file.
  7. Open PostalSaver Datafiles.exe.
  8. Click Next on the install Wizard.
    Note: If installing for the first time, select where to install the files.
  9. Click Finish.
  10. Run Update.exe from the location of the PostalSaver install.

 For more information on PostalSaver, review What is the PostalSaver module? (BB77871).