When installing or updating Aatrix, you must be logged into the workstation as a local Windows administrator, launch Financial Edge (FE) as an Administrator, and log into FE with the Supervisor account.


  • Before you can print or eFile tax reports, you may be required to update Aatrix forms.
  • The instructions below are specific to local installations only.  If you are hosted with us, you do not need to install Aatrix.
  • If 1099 processing will take place on more than one workstation, each workstation will need to perform the Aatrix update.

Each quarter you must run a mandatory update that loads new forms or changes to existing reports. Follow these steps to update tax reports:

  1. In Mail > Federal and State Tax Reports > Federal Tax reports, preview any report.
  2. If you are due to update, a message appears asking to update now. Click Yes to run the update or Exit to run it later.
    Note: You cannot run reports until you run the Aatrix update.
  3. If prompted to launch the Blackbaud Administration Console, select Yes and click 'Install Aatrix'.
  4. The Aatrix Update Client screen appears while the program downloads to files to update. When this is complete, the Aatrix Update Client - File Selection screen appears listing all the forms that are new or have updates.
  5. Select the forms to update and click Next. 
  6. When the process is complete, click Close.

For more information, refer to the Mail Guide (PDF).