Although there was a basic feature in General Ledger 6 that could prevent users from opening certain accounts, the account activity could still be viewed if it exists in a Journal Entry or on Reports that the user was running.  

In General Ledger 7, this functionality was expanded and improved and made a part of the Advanced Security optional module. In version 7, when a user is restricted from an account:
  • If the user attempts to open the account, he/she will receive a message that they do not have rights
  • If the user runs a report including the account (for example, a General Ledger Report), the account will be omitted
  • If the user views a journal entry that includes the account, the account number will be replaced by asterisks

In addition, the Advanced Security module offers the option of View-only database licenses, which allows users to view data, without having rights to edit or enter it, and to create and modify report and queries.

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