Try each of the following steps in order until the issue is resolved:

  1. Ensure the course is marked to be included in the performance category.
    1. In Records, click Courses.
    2. Open the Course record for which the student has the low grade.
    3. Select the Grading tab and open the Grading information for the Academic Year in question.
    4. Mark the appropriate Performance Category checkbox under Include this course in the following performance categories.
    5. Click OK.
    6. Save and Close the record.
  1. Verify the translation table being used by the course and marking column for the year the calculation is being run for:
    1. Open the course record and select the Grading tab.
    2. Open the applicable academic year.
    3. Note the translation table selected for the marking column.
    4. Close the grading information and course record.



  1. Ensure the correct performance category options are selected in the translation table being used by the course and marking column for the year:
    1. In Configuration, click Registrar's Setup.
    2. Select Translation tables.
    3. Open the applicable translation table.
    4. Mark the Use in performance checkbox for all appropriate letter grade value(s).
      Note: If the Use in Performance checkbox is not marked for failing grades, they are not included in the performance calculation.
    5. Assign a numeric value and cutoff value for the letter grades.
    6. Save and close the translation table.
  2. Ensure the students meet all of the criteria in the performance category.
    Note: If you select criteria to include, students meeting all the "Include" criteria are included. If you select criteria to Exclude, a student meeting any of the Exclude criteria is excluded.
  1. Check the Marking Column selected in the Performance Category level:
    1. Open the Performance Category in Configuration, Registrar's Setup
    2. Open the Performance Category level and check the Grades criteria tab for the Marking Column selected
    3. Run the calculation again.
  2. If the calculation parameter set is no longer functioning as it did originally
    1. Delete the calculation parameter.
    2. Rebuild the calculation. (BB136317)
    3. Run the calculation again.

For more information on Performance Categories, refer to How to define Performance Categories (BB136317).