To create an Attendance Plan:

  1. In Configuration, click Attendance Plans.
  2. Click New Attendance Plan.
  3. Enter an ID for the attendance plan.
  4. In the Status field, select Active.
  5. In the Description field, enter a description for the attendance plan.
  6. In the Plan year field, select the starting point for the attendance plan year:
    • Calendar Begins January 1st
    • Fiscal year Begins on the first day of your organizations fiscal year.
    • Based on each employees start date Begins on the employees first day of employment.
    • Based on a specific day Begins on the date you specify in the Start month and day field.

    New Attendance Plan

    In the grid on the Attendance and Carryover tab:
    • the Attendance Type column lists all of the existing attendance types defined in Configuration.

      Note: This column is not editable; to change the options in this column, add or edit attendance types on the Attendance Types page.
    • In the Max Carryover Hours per Cycle column, enter the total number of hours an employee may carry over from the current cycle to the next cycle if a balance exists for the attendance type.
    • In the Max Total Carryover Hours column, enter the maximum number of unused hours an employee may accumulate over all cycles for the attendance type.
    • In the Hours Accrued per Cycle column, enter the total number of hours an employee can accrue for the attendance type within the accrual cycle.

      For example, if you enter 15 days for this column and the accrual cycle is 12 months, the rate per month is 1.25 days per month.
    • In the Maximum Available Hours column, enter the maximum balance of hours an employee may have for an attendance type. You can leave this field blank if there is no maximum limit.
    • Select the Accrual Methods tab

      Accrual Methods tab

    • In the Accrual Cycle column, select Annual to use a single cycle or Month(s) to define multiple cycles:
      • If you select Annual - Select a number from one to twelve in the Cycle Months column or leave it blank. If you select a number less than twelve, attendance accrues over the first part of the attendance year up to and including the defined month.

        For example, if your attendance plan year begins January 1st and you select 6 in this column, all attendance accrues through June and no additional attendance accrues after June.
      • If you select Month(s) - The Cycle Months column is required. Select a number to define the number of cycles contained in the attendance plan year.

        For example, if you select 1, there are twelve cycles per year. If you select 3, there are four cycles per year.
      • In the Attendance is Earned column, select the method by which attendance is earned:
        • Daily, Weekly, or Monthly Attendance is earned by the passage of time
        • By hours worked Attendance is earned based on the actual number of hours worked. In the Hours per Cycle column, enter the total number of hours available in a cycle.
        • By pay period Attendance is earned based on the number of pay periods in the employees schedule
        • Start of cycle The total number of hours/days allowed for the cycle is awarded at the beginning of the cycle and is recorded as it is used.

        Note: After exiting Configuration, the new Attendance Plan can be added to employee records manually

        • If you select By hours worked in the Attendance is earned column, enter the number of hours in the Hours per Cycle column.
        • To save the attendance plan click Save and Close.