Try each of the following steps in order until the error is resolved:

  1. In Query, verify you are using the correct query type.
    (Example: if you are running a student query, organizations are not included.)
    1. Select output names or sort fields which are applicable to the query type selected
  2. Check the criteria. Verify you are pulling the correct records.
    (Example: if you are asking for Relationship information, this may not be the same as the Student information.)
    If you are querying on linked records, make sure the records are linked.
  3. Use the correct operators. Using Not One of or Not Equals excludes the entire record if selected. For example, you are running a query for vendors who a balance less than $0, be sure to use the operator Less than. If you need to find vendors who have a balance of $0 or less, use the operator Less than or equal to"
  4. If the query is based on an existing query, verify that the missing records from the new query are included in the source query.
    Note: Select Tools, Query options from the query menu bar, and view the Select from query: field to see if a query is based on another query.
  5. Check the query output and criteria to ensure that any sub-categories are pulled from the appropriate section of the query. For example, if performing an invoice query and you want the invoice post date, ensure that you did not select post date under Credit memo.
  6. Check the layout of the criteria.
    If using AND and OR operators and the last line of the query begins with the AND combining operator, place the open parenthesis on the first line of filter and the closed parenthesis on the last criteria line that begins with OR.
  7. Simplify your Criteria.
    Instead of using an Operator of equals and one attribute description as the Value multiple times, use an Operator of one of and include all applicable attributes:
    1. Select the attribute description on which to filter
    2. Select "One of" as the Operator
    3. Include all applicable attribute descriptions in that category
  8. Add Parenthesis around filters that contain Or's
    Example Filters:
      Post Status EQ Not Yet Posted
      AND (Invoice date EQ 01/01/06
      OR Invoice date EQ 04/01/06)