1. In Configuration, click Registrar Setup
  2. Select Skills
  3. Mark the Inactive checkbox for the desired skill(s)


  • When adding skills to course records in Courses, the program omits skills marked as inactive. Inactivating a skill in Grades does not remove the skill from course records on which it already exists in Courses. To remove a newly-marked inactive skill from existing course records, you must manually delete it from each course record.

    To avoid deleting student skill ratings, do not delete a skill from a course record unless you confirm no ratings for that skill exist in the selected academic year in Grades and Faculty Access for the Web.

  • Marking a skill as inactive omits the skill from a category when you add the category to course records. However, it does not delete the skill from course records on which the category is already selected.

  • If you rename a skill that exists on course records in previous academic years, the revised skill name displays on report cards you print for the previous academic years. Because edits to the text of a skill affect the skill name in all academic years, you must mark the skill as inactive and define a new skill to add to course records in the future.

For information about adding skills to course records, review the following section in the Courses chapter of the Records Guide for Registrar's Office (PDF).