When calculating payroll using the Time Sheets option in Payroll 7, you can pay an employee for missed time such as sick pay or vacation. The Time Sheets option can also create the attendance record through the calculation and payment of attendance. Follow the instructions below to set up your system to automatically record attendance records through Time Sheets.

Note: Salaried pay types cannot be selected on attendance types or time sheets so it is not possible to pay and record attendance for salaried employees in a time sheet.

  1. In Configuration, click Business Rules.
  2. Highlight Time and Attendance and mark the Paying/Recording attendance checkbox.

    Paying/Recording attendance checkbox

  3. Click Pay Type. Add the Pay Type you will use to for the paid attendance. The Pay Type record will contain all of the tax flag settings for the particular Pay type.

    Pay Type

  4. Click Attendance Type and then click Add New Attendance Code
  5. Select Pay this attendance code using from the drop-down menu and assign the code to be used. When creating the Attendance code, name it so you can differentiate it from the Pay Type code.

    Attendance type

  6. When you pay attendance in your time sheet batch, both the pay type and the attendance code are available for selection. To record attendance, you must select the attendance code. Attendance types will be listed under Paid attendance codes.

    Pay Type

  7. Once you print the check for the employee using the calculation from the time sheet, the employee is paid for the specified attendance time, and his attendance record is updated.
    *Note: If the Paid Attendance Code and Pay Type have the same ID, the Paid attendance code must be selected in order for the attendance record to be created on the employee record