• Create a static constituent query of the relationships to be moved
    • Create an individual relationship import file in comma separated values (CSV) format based on the query created in step 1
    • On the Fields tab, select all fields to be moved to the new constituent record. Ensure the following fields are included:

      Individual Relationship Link (if the relationships are constituents)

      Individual Relationship First Name (if the relationships are nonconstituents

      Individual Relationship Last Name (if the relationships are nonconstituents)

    • Select all other appropriate options and click Create Now to create the CSV file
    • Open the CSV file
    • Insert a new column and enter ImportID as the header
    • In the Import ID column, enter the import ID of the constituent to whom the relationship should be moved
    • Save and close the CSV file
    • Import the new relationships
    • Globally delete the relationships in the query created in step 1