For the US version of The Raiser's Edge version 7.80 and up: 

Notes Before Proceeding : 

  • You must upgrade to 7.96 Patch 12 to ensure all records are updated correctly.  A change in the law does not allow the deceased date for a record to be returned if that date is within 3 years.  We have updated The Raiser's Edge in 7.96 Patch 12 to reflect this change.  The Raiser's Edge will no longer add a deceased date if it falls within the past 3 years. If 7.96 Patch 12 is not applied, then records returned deceased without a deceased date will not update.
  • It is recommended that you back up the database. If your organization integrates multiple Blackbaud products, refer to the Additional Requirements section of the backup article.

Download Results:

  1. Begin Download portion. Click on the Data Health Center module.
    • Note: Depending on your version of The Raiser's Edge you may also need to select the Data Health Center tab at the top center of your database to access the main Data Health Center page.
  2. Across from the DeceasedRecordFinder link click Download Update Results.
  3. Depending on your version a prompt will appear to Extract Response Files. The file provides additional information about the data that was returned. To save the report, click the Ellipsis button to browse to a specific folder on your workstation or network and click Extract > OK.
  4. When the download is complete, the Download Update Results link changes to Update Data and the Updated Constituent Report
    link in the Create Reports column activates.
  5. To preview changes before updating your records click the Updated Constituent Report link.
Update Records:
  1. Begin Update portion. Have all other users exit and sign out of The Raiser's Edge.
  2. Click Update Data link.
  3. General tab.
    1. Mark Create query of records updated checkbox for records that are being updated.
    2. Mark Create query of exceptions checkbox for records that can not be updated.
  4. Click Processing Options tab.
    1. Select one of the following:
      • Batch mode: The program updates all the records at one time. (recommended)
      • Interactive mode: The program updates one record at a time. This allows you to review each record before committing it to the database. Note: If you select this option be aware that if you stop during the process and come back to resume updating records the mode does not save where you left off. You run the chance of updating records multiple times if you do not keep track of what records have previously been updated.
    2. Mark Create Control Report.
  5. Click Summary tab and review the information to confirm that your selections are correct.
  6. Click Update Now.
  7. In the Save Static Query window Input/Select preferences for records being updated > Click Save.
  8. In the Save Static Query window Input/Select preferences for records with exceptions > Click Save.
  9. If Batch mode was selected continue to step 10. If Interactive mode was selected:
    1. In the Mark Change? checkbox mark each Constituent name you want to update. Click Select All to select all the constituents listed, click Deselect All to deselect all the constituents listed, click Cancel to end the updating session.
    2. Click the Update Now button to update the records in your database.
      • Note: After you update your information, the Update link on the Data Health Center page changes, displaying the date you ran the update. The link remains active, allowing you to run the update again if necessary. If you only Update a portion of the records, the program does not remove those records from the display of update. When you go back to continue the update later, it will appear that the records that were previously updated, were not. However, if you go to open the actual record it will have the update. It is possible for duplicate emails to occur in this mode, which is why Batch mode is recommended.
  10. The DeceasedRecordFinder Update Control Report will open. It can be previewed and exported by clicking the White Envelope with a Red Arrow icon or the Export Report icon at the top of your window depending on your version of RE once the report appears.
  11. Click the "X" icon at the top right once you are finished with the DeceasedRecordFinder Update Control Report to complete the update process. NOTE: If you do not exit out of the report your data will not be updated.Note
Under the Update Data column for DeceasedRecordFinder the date of the update will appear. A Deceased Attribute will now appear on records flagged as deceased.

For the US version of The Raiser's Edge versions 7.50 - 7.71 and the UK or Canadian version of The Raiser's Edge versions 7.50 - 7.80:

Download the updated data file:
  1. In Case Central, click FTP and then click Open FTP folder.
  2. The FTP screen opens. If your FTP folder does not open immediately after you click Open FTP folder, click FTP Help in Case Central to review FTP system requirements and troubleshooting.
  3. Copy the file onto your desktop or another appropriate location. This file contains a summary report and an import .txt file. Unzip them to the appropriate location and use the import file to update your constituents.
Update Records:
  1. Ensure you have a constituent attribute named Deceased. The data type should be Table.
  2. Have all other users exit and sign out (BB16633) of The Raiser's Edge.
  3. Import the updated data file
  4. Click Administration, Import
  5. Under Constituent, select Constituent Attribute and click New
  6. On the General tab, select: 
    1. What do you want to do?: Import new records
    2. Options: Create new table entries
    3. Import file: Click the ellipses (...) to browse to the DeceasedImport.csv file unzipped in step 1c
    4. How do you want the system to identify existing constituents?: Use the Import ID
    5. What is the format of this import file?: Delimited - Characters separate the fields
  7. Leave the File Layout tab set to the defaults
  8. On the Fields tab, ensure all fields are mapped, e.g. the fields in the import file are matched to the appropriate location in The Raiser's Edge
  9. On the Summary tab, select: 
    1. Create exception file of records not updated/imported: Name the file C:\Exceptions.txt
    2. Create control report: Preview
    3. Create An Output Query Of The Records Imported
  10. Click Import Now to import the updated constituent information.
The Deceased attribute is added to the deceased constituents.

Additional Information:
How to mark the Deceased Bio 1 box for constituents found to be deceased.
Why is 09/09/9999 being returned as a deceased date?

Below is a video that you can follow along with that will walk you through the import process for DeceasedRecordFinder