Aatrix requires a credit card number when accessing Aatrix because there are costs associated with eFile. These charges vary by state, amount, and the options selected.

Available options for eFile:

  • Federal only
  • State only
  • Federal and State
  • Aatrix's complete filing solution for Federal, State and Employee copies and distribution. If you select this option, Aatrix packs the envelopes and mail the W-2 forms.

For more information, refer to https://www.aatrix.com/partners/blackbaud/ for a break down of the amount per employee when e-filing.

For additional Aatrix FAQs, refer to When to contact Aatrix

Also refer to How to electronically file tax reports in Payroll 7

Note: If your organization has fewer than 250 payees, W-2s do not have to filed electronically. There are no charges associated with printing W-2 forms instead of eFiling.

For more information about Aatrix eFile services, see the Aatrix website at http://www.aatrix.com/win/efile/