• An Attendance Type defines the category of each type of attendance available to employees, such as Sick, Vacation, or Personal.
  • Attendance Codes are more specific subcategories linked to Attendance Types. Attendance codes contain a short description, long description, and status.

    For example, you could define subcategories for your Sick attendance type, such as: Daily, Short-Term Disability, Long-Term Disability, and FMLA.

To add Attendance Types and Attendance Codes:
  1. In Configuration, click Attendance Types
  2. To add a new attendance type, click New Attendance type and enter the description for the attendance type. Click OK.
    Note: Because attendance types are added less frequently, the button to add them is located at the bottom of the attendance type frame.
  3. Highlight the new Attendance Type and click New Attendance Code on the task bar
  4. Enter the Attendance Code and Description.
  5. If using time sheets, select whether or not to associate a pay type with this attendance code
  6. After exiting Configuration, the new Attendance code can be used when adding attendance on employee records