On the Constituents tab of the Records page, you can use the Quick Find feature if you know all or part of the name of the constituent whose record you want to open. Enter a single name (or part of a name) into the field and click the binoculars or press Enter on your keyboard. The Raiser’s Edge searches for a constituent with a last name (or organization name) matching your entry. If the program finds more than one match, the Open screen appears listing those constituents. For example, if you enter the letter A and click the binoculars, the Open screen appears, displaying all constituents whose last name or organization name begins with the letter A.

If you enter a space between two letters or names, the program searches for the first letter or group of letters as the first name and the second letter or group as last name. For example, if you enter 'a andrews' and have two constituents with the last name Andrews, one with the first name Alison and the other with the first name Anne, the Open screen appears, listing both records.

If your entry in the Quick Find field closely matches a single record, that record opens. For example, if you enter 'a andrews' and you have only one constituent with the last name Andrews with a first name that begins with A, that record opens.

If the program finds no match for your entry, the Open screen for constituents appears so you can use its features to create a more detailed search for the record.

If you prefer to search for constituents by their Constituent ID, please see How to use Quick find to search by Constituent ID.