1. Create a Participant query to capture the Participants with constituent records for the Event.
      • On the Criteria tab, select:
        • Events>Event Name equals [specific Event Name]
        • AND Constituent>Import ID not blank
    2. Create a participant export that includes the Participant query saved in Step 1.
      • On the Output tab, select:
        • Import ID
        • Constituent>Spouse>Biographical>Last Name
        • Constituent>Spouse>Biographical>First Name
    3. Open the exported Excel document.
    4. Sort the spreadsheet by Spouse Last Name.
    5. Delete rows from the spreadsheet where spouse name is blank.
    6. Replace the Participant Import ID column header with RegImpID.
    7. Replace the Spouse Last Name column header with GuestLastName.
    8. Replace the Spouse First Name column header with GuestFirstName.
    9. Add a new column to the Excel file.
    10. In the new column, insert GuestKeyInd as the column header.
    11. For each row, in the GuestKeyInd column, add the value I.
    12. Save and close the CSV file
    13. Import the CSV file using a Guest import