1. In Configuration
    1. Add the TRP Billing Item (BB202965):
      1. Click Products and Billing Items
      2. Click Add TRP item

        Note: Only one TRP billing item may be defined in a school year - the dates cannot overlap school years.
      3. On the Item tab, define the TRP rate. When calculating TRP for an individual, the TRP rate is applied to all billing items on their record marked for TRP that billing period.
      4. Define the periods for which the billing item is to be generated.
      5. On the GL Distribution tab, define GL account number, and project if applicable.
      6. Click Save and Close
    2. After establishing the TRP billing item, configure the billing items to include in the calculation:
      1. Click Products and Billing Items
      2. Open a Billing Item to include in TRP
      3. On the Item tab, mark the Include in TRP Checkbox

        Note: All automatic billing items, financial aids, and advance deposits include the option to include in TRP. TRP calculated for a payer's record is reduced by financial aids and advance deposits on their record.
  2. In Records
    1. To allow the student to be included when you generate the billing item, mark the Include this student in Tuition Refund Plan checkbox on the Student's Bio2 tab.
    2. When the TRP for the student is paid, mark the TRP Paid field (BB255848)
    3. Generate the TRP using the Generate Transactions Automatically option (BB203516)

      Note: TRP calculates the percentage of automatic billing items less any financial aids the payer may have on his record for the billing period, whether or not the applicable billing items have been generated.

      TRP calculates if the bill code is on the student's record, even if the billing item is not.
  3. In Reports
    1. In Reports, select Transaction Reports and select the Tuition Refund Plan Report
    2. You can reduce the students's account balance subject to TRP by marking the Include scheduled advance deposits with these dates and Include scheduled financial aid with these dates and specifying the date range for these options. If you select Include All dates, all unused advance deposits or financial aid in the specified year are applied to reduce the account balance subject to TRP.