If you do not need to add new Gift Aid disqualification rules or change existing rules in Configuration, you can use the new Update Gift Aid Status facility in Administration to quickly update all new or previously unclaimed gifts using gift dates you define. You can update both the Gift Aid qualification status and tax claim eligibility of all unclaimed gifts or only the tax claim eligibility.


    • Click Administration, Update Gift Aid Status
    • Select the appropriate options on each tab
    • Click Update Now

    When a gift is added to Raiser's Edge where no Declaration exists for the constituent then the message on the Tax tab of the gift will be -
    Gift is not eligible for tax claim.  No valid declaration present.
    If the donor later signs a Declaration that indicates tax can be claimed on historical gifts for the past 4 years, then the existing gifts may now be eligible and, if so, will appear in the control report produced by Update Gift Aid Status.

    The control report produced by Update Gift Aid Status can include gifts that are now ineligible for tax claim as well as gifts that are now eligible for claim.
    This occurs when a gift has been added and a declaration exists for the constituent in Raiser's Edge, therefore the gift is seen as being eligible for Gift Aid.
    However, if the declaration is then updated with an End date that is before the date of the gift, then the Update Gift Aid Status will change the gift to ineligible because the declaration has ended before the gift was received.

    It is advised that Update Gift Aid Status is run before the R68 New Gift Aid Report is run, to ensure all unclaimed gifts are up to date.