1. In Education Edge, open Administration, and click Set up System Security.
  2. Open the FAWEB User group for teachers.
  3. Highlight Registrar's Office under Group Privileges.
  4. Highlight Records under Registrar's Office and click Options.
  5. On the Security Options screen, select Students.
  6. Next to Students, mark the View and Edit checkboxes.
  7. Next to Notes, mark the appropriate checkboxes.
  8. Click OK.

  • To only restrict teachers rights to specific note types:
    1. Under Registrar's Office, select Notes and click Options.
    2. Mark the Cannot View and Cannot Edit checkboxes for any restricted Note types.
    3. OK.
    4. Click Save and Close to save the changes to the security group.
*Note: There is not a way to prevent teachers from adding certain note types.

Users will have new rights in FAWEB the next time they log in and access the Students tab.

For instructions on adding notes, refer to How to add notes to a student record in Faculty Access for the Web (BB227168)