This message occurs when the donation has bank information that must be matched to a financial relationship on the constituent's record. Verify The Raiser's Edge Constituent Bank column is populated by following these steps:
  1. Open the downloads window from the respective plugin in The Raiser's Edge. (Look for Online Express, NetCommunity, or Luminate Online in the left Raiser's Edge menu.)
  2. Select the transaction that needs to be processed.
  3. Under the Bank Linking section for the transaction, click the Find Bank button or click in the Linked Bank box (right side aqua box) and press F7.
  4. To link a bank record:
    • ​Note Each Constituent must have a unique bank, otherwise an error may occur in batch.
      • If the bank record exists:
        • Click Find to search for the existing bank record
        • Enter search criteria
        • Click Find Next button
        • Select the existing record
      • If the bank record does not exist:
        • Click Add New
5. Proceed with downloading the transaction and processing the direct debit:
  • In NetCommunity and Online Express, the direct debit requires processing in Batch to receive the funds. (Note: Downloading to Batch or committing in Batch does not process the direct debit to receive the funds.)
  • In Luminate Online, the ACH / direct debit transactions are processed by Luminate Online. Download to Batch and proceed with a commit. (Tip: Filter just for Settled direct debit transactions. Those are completed and funds have been received.)