Create a scheduling rule for the program to use when scheduling students. On the scheduling rule, mark the Use rule when enrolling students checkbox and, in the grid, select Same in the Using column and Sections in Options column.
To schedule two single term courses across terms, define a Scheduling Rule:
    • In Configuration, Registrar Setup, select Scheduling Rules
    • Click New Scheduling Rule
    • Enter a descriptive name for the rule, such as Courses paired across terms
    • In the Term field, select Different
    • In the grid, select Same Times of day, Same Sections, and Same Days
    • So the program applies the rule during course request assignment and automatic student scheduling, mark the Use rule when enrolling students checkbox
    • When finished defining the scheduling rule, click OK
    • Apply the scheduling rule to the applicable courses:
      • In Records, click Courses
      • Open a course record and select the Rules tab
      • Under Rules, select one of the course to which the rule applies and enter the rule from Configuration
      • If the Rule must be used, select Always, if it can be overridden, use Try, or if the rule should not apply, use Ignore
      • Save and close the course record


      For complete instructions on scheduling rules, refer to How to create course and scheduling rules (BB145586)