1. Mail, Letters, Action Letters, Open the mail parameters and make any necessary changes (i.e. Fields to Include)
  2. Click Send to Word merge wizard in the toolbar.
  3. Click Next on the Welcome screen.
  4. Continue clicking Next in the wizard until you come to the screen that shows the letter(s)
    Note: If performing a conditional mail merge, a screen will appear with all letters. If performing a simple mail merge, skip to step 7 as a list of letters will not appear. 
  5. Select the conditional field (e.g., Letter), if applicable, and click Next. The Create merge documents screen appears.
  6. Click New Document to add a new merge document. To edit a document, highlight it in the list and click Open. The Conditional Merge Document screen appears. 
  7. Edit the conditions or click Edit merge document to edit the letter in Word. When you're finished making changes in Word, click Save and Return to RE7 in the toolbar.
  8. Complete the merge. Changes to the letters will not be saved until you finish the Mail Merge Wizard.